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Steering Committee Members

A volunteer Steering Committee will help guide the process for and substance of the plan. The group is representative of the City’s many diverse perspectives. The Steering Committee also has an important role to assist with the outreach and engagement of community members. Representatives include:

  • City Council

    (Donald Goldberg, Chair)

  • Planning Commission

    (Anita Hicks, Vice-Chair)

  • Chuckatuck Borough

    (Melissa Venable)

  • Cypress Borough

    (William Goodman)

  • Nansemond Borough

    (Richard Ward)

  • Holy Neck Borough

    (Mills Staylor)

  • Sleepy Hole Borough

    (Linda T. Johnson)

  • Suffolk Borough

    (Russell Young)

  • Whaleyville Borough

    (Felton Milteer, III)

  • Economic Development Authority

    (Wesley King)

  • Suffolk Division of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

    (Kay Miller)

  • Historic Landmarks Commission

    (William Bissell)

  • Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    (Tammy Jackson)

  • Suffolk Public Schools

    (Dr. Okema Branch)

  • Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization

    (Pavithra Parthasarathi)

  • Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge

    (Chris Lowie)

  • Nansemond River Preservation Alliance

    (John Wass)

  • Suffolk Agricultural Committee

    (Michael W. Griffin)

  • Coastal Virginia Building Industry Association

    (John Napolitano)

  • Hampton Roads Realtors Association

    (John Rector)

  • Hampton Roads Association of Commercial Real Estate

    (Ken Rodman)

  • Western Tidewater Water Authority

    (Paul Retel)